Advising on the finance and development of the largest solar power generating parks in Africa - two (2) independent 1000MW solar power generation facilities;
Advised on the acquisition of five (5) power generation companies in the National Integrated Power Project divestment exercise by the Bureau of Public Enterprise and the Niger Delta Power Holding Company;
Advised on a bid for the acquisition of Afam Generation Company one of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria’s generating companies. Negotiated financing for the bid and advised on the Share Purchase Agreement and other transaction documents;
Currently advising, preparing and revising several Natural Gas Sale & Purchase Agreements between the foremost indigenous natural gas distribution company and several of its customers regarding the long-term distribution of natural gas to its customers;
Advised a client on its proposed acquisition of the Lagos, Ikeja and Ibadan distribution companies under the electricity sector privatisation;
Advised on the execution of an Independent Power Plant (IPP) project designed to generate 12.16 Megawatts of electricity for a local water utility;
Advised, prepared and revised several Production Sharing Contracts, Joint Operating Agreements, Finance & Production Sharing Agreements, Drilling Fluids Supply Agreements and Technical Services Agreements in respect of the collaboration between various indigenous companies towards commercially exploiting various Oil Prospecting Licenses;
Advised a Nigerian company on a Carbon Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement towards the sale and purchase of Carbon Emission Reductions to be generated by the company’s proposed captive independent power project under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism;
Advised, prepared and revised varied agreements, including but not limited to an Evaluation & Bid Agreement, regarding a collaboration between several indigenous oil and gas companies for the purpose of bidding for an Oil Prospecting License;
Successfully conducting arbitration proceedings on behalf of Nigeria’s foremost indigenous Gas Distribution Company against several of its customers regarding disputes arising from their Natural Gas Sale and Purchase Agreements.
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